Coding Night - Presentation March 13th

2023, Feb 23

I would like to invite you on March 13th (Monday) at 8PM NZDT to check the presentation A pragmatic approach with Clean Architecture in .NET projects - Lesson 1.

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There are many Clean Architecture templates available in .NET to get started. These templates are very optimized, and hence complex, as they adopt libraries and different design patterns for specific reasons.

In this series of lessons, we are going to explore fundamentals, getting hands-on with C#, ASP.NET Core and Azure Functions, on a pragmatic approach to understand the problems we need to solve, and how to resolve them.

This will enable you to better understand the packages, design patterns and to decide whether you need it or not in your solutions.

In this lesson let’s explore the solution structure in .NET projects.

Speaker: Marcel Medina, Lead Developer and Azure Specialist.