Convert ARM Template to Bicep and Deploy with Azure DevOps - Part 5 - Deploy

6 minute read
This is the fifth and the last part of the series where an ARM Template is converted to Bicep. In this article, we should continue on Phase…

gRPC with protobuf-net in .NET 6

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A code-first/contract-first approach with gRPC is available with protobuf-net in .NET 6. When starting a gRPC template in Visual Studio 202…

Azure Functions with Fluent Validation

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Apis can be easily implemented with the power of Azure Functions, and when you need to validate models, Fluent Validation comes in handy…

Decorator Pattern with C# - Real World Tax example

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The Decorator pattern is a structural design pattern, which allows the attachment of new behaviours to objects. When it comes to real-world…

YouTube Presentation - gRPC in .NET 6

1 minute read
Great presentation available on Coding Night NZ channel about gRPC in .NET 6.

Async HTTP APIs Pattern - Part 4 - Azure Durable Functions

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This is a built-in pattern available with durable functions, that removes the need for custom code to interact with long-running function…

gRPC in .NET 6

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gRPC is a modern open-source high-performance Remote Procedure Call (RPC) framework that can run in any environment. It uses Protobuf as its…

Coding Night - Presentation June 20th

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I would like to invite you on June 20th (Monday) at 8PM NZST to check the presentation gRPC in .NET 6. Please RSVP here:…

Difference between IEnumerable, ICollection, IList and IQueryable. Did you know?

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Did you know the difference between IEnumerable, ICollection, IList and IQueryable? Often we implement these interfaces to use with…

Builder Pattern for Unit Tests with C#

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The Builder pattern is a creational design pattern, which allows the construction of complex objects step by step. This pattern provides an…